Fast track School Construction with Tilt-Up

Jan 23, 2013

There’s are several reasons why tilt-up concrete construction is one of the fastest-growing building technologies in North America – cost, energy efficiency, security, durability – but perhaps the greatest reason why school boards are specifying tilt-up is SPEED.

Concrete classroom walls can be erected in a few hours; an eight-classroom structure with washrooms and air conditioning can be completed in mere weeks. An entire school can be built in as little as six months. We have done it.

Tilt-up is the fabrication process to construct load-bearing insulated (and non insulated) concrete wall panels. They are typically cast on the floor slab (or off site) and then tilted into place using cranes. Because the walls are constructed independent of other trades, several building processes can happen in parallel. For instance, if wall panels are constructed off site, local trades can complete excavation, footings, foundation, and site services. Similarly, while walls are being formed on site, other trades and activities can continue.

Janet Lee Elementary School, Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board, recently completed a 4000 square foot addition with washrooms using SiteCast tilt-up panels. STM Construction (project general contractor) contracted SiteCast Construction, to design, fabricate, ship and install these load bearing insulated concrete panels. The overall project design was completed by the reputable McCallum Sather Architects. These panels took 11 days to fabricate (off-site), one day to transport and two days to erect. [We invite you to read the case study.]

Time Savings

  • Materials (i.e. concrete and rebar) are readily available.
  • Several building phases can proceed at the same time. Trades can safely access the site sooner because the floor slab is cast first.
  • As the forming of tilt-up panels is precise, other trades are able to complete their shop drawings and order doors and windows, prior to fabrication of the panels.
  • Structure is completed quickly. The overall forming, casting and erecting of the wall panels is quick. Once they are erected, the building shape is defined.

Not only does tilt-up concrete construction help school boards to meet their tight construction schedules, this proven building system delivers attractive, functional and sustainable school structures that meet and exceed the expectations of students, teachers, parents and board officials.

Do you have a school addition or extension in mind?  Specify structural load bearing, insulated, concrete sandwich wall panels and SiteCast will contract and provide its tilt-up panel design and construction through your prequalified and approved general contractors.


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