Energy Efficient Tilt-up for Retail

Apr 18, 2013

Energy efficiency and savings is top of mind for so many retailers today.

It’s a simple equation …….
reducing energy consumption = saves money

Insulated tilt-up concrete construction is rapidly expanding here in Ontario. A growing number of retailers are using tilt-up panels to create ultra energy efficient structures and subsequently reduce costs. (Incidentally, tilt-up is a sustainable and LEED friendly choice.)

Why is tilt-up so energy efficient? For starters, SiteCast tilt-up panels are constructed with two layers of concrete, and a min. 3” rigid insulation core, providing an assembly which has all the properties of a high performance wall assembly. SiteCast tilt-up structures feature an edge-to-edge, foundation to roof, uninterrupted rigid insulation layer that has no thermal penetrations through this valuable layer. The interior layer of concrete (load bearing) provides a quantity of thermal massing properties, as well as sound-deadening and abusive resistant properties.  The exterior layer of concrete protects the rigid insulation, and is the decorative layer that is architectural and provides a thermal and abusive resistant layer.

These attributes save energy and provides a buffer against random heat gains / losses, controlling and improving the functional environment for the building occupants.  SiteCast tilt-up buildings offer an overall energy and life cycle performance that is typically 20% to 35% more energy efficient than traditional construction assemblies.

The thermal images below validate our claims. This illustration shows a winter heat loss comparison between a building constructed using conventional methods and Sitecast's tilt-up addition. Blue areas show low heat loss and red areas show high heat loss.


Traditional steel ties allow heat to be transmitted through the wall, and result in elevated energy costs. SiteCast's non-conductive thermal ties do not transmit this energy through the wall.



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