Awards & Memberships

At SiteCast our goal has always been to please our clients.

Along the way, the industry has recognized our contribution. Here are some of the awards we've received over the past few years.

CON/STEEL Alliance Building of the Year

  • 2013 for Grenville Mutual Insurance HQ (news release)
  • 2011 for Canada Bank Note; Finalist (see the video)
  • 2001 for Kanata North Technology Park, Phase IV
  • 2000 for Kanata North Technology Park, Phase II
  • 1999 for Semiconductor Insights
  • 1997 for SR Telecom

CON/STEEL Alliance Awards

  • 1,000,000 ft2 Producer Award
  • 1999: Product Improvement Award

Tilt-Up Concrete Association’s (TCA) Achievement Award

  • 2013 for Traditional Villas, Abu Dhabi (more info and news release)
  • 2013 for Grenville Mutual Insurance HQ, Kemptville, Ontario (more info and news release)
  • 2011 for Housing Project, Amman Jordan
  • 2010 for Amman Jordan Military Prototype
  • 2006 for Rutledge School, Texas USA
  • 2001 for Ecole elementaire publique Des Sentiers
  • 2000 for Kanata North Technology Park Phase II
  • 1997 for Dy 4 Systems
  • 1997 for SR Telecom
  • 1997 for YM-YWCA
  • 1996 for 10 Camelot Drive
  • 1994 for Camelot Business Centre

Safety Awards

  • 2015: Alphonse J. Engelman Zero Lost Time Accident Achievement Award (TCA) for SiteCast's saftey record
  • 2014: Alphonse J. Engelman Zero Lost Time Accident Achievement Award (TCA) for SiteCast's saftey record
  • 2013: Alphonse J. Engelman Zero Lost Time Accident Achievement Award (TCA) for SiteCast's saftey record (news release)
  • 2012: Alphonse J. Engelman Safety Award (TCA) for SiteCast's outstanding commitment to safety in Tilt-Up concrete construction (news release)

Sustainable Development Awards

  • 2009: The High Performance New Construction (HPNC) Program of SiteCast’s commitment to energy-efficiency in Ontario - Property: Carleton Place Colonnade Phase 1
  • 2000: Commercial Building Incentive Program (CBIP) awarded by the Office of Energy Efficiency, from Natural Resources Canada for Colonnade’s energy efficient building design aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. - Property: 505 March Road

Contribution to Industry Awards


  • GCAO: General Contractors Association Ottawa Member
  • TCA: Tilt-up Construction Association Sustaining Member
  • ACI: American Concrete Institute
  • ACI 650: Shawn Hickey, committee member
  • ACI 551: Shawn Hickey, committee member
  • OCA: Ottawa Construction Association
  • CON/STEEL: Authorized Tilt-Up Contractor
  • CADSI: Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries
  • OASBO: Ontario Association of School Board Officials
  • TAF: Shawn Hickey, Technical Advisory Committee Chair


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