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Tilt-up: Speed by numbers

Apr 21, 2014

Speed of construction is the predominant reason why school boards are specifying tilt-up for their additions, extensions and new schools. But don’t take our word for it, see what the numbers say.

Speed by numbers

  • 2 days to erect and install insulated load bearing walls for Janet Lee Elementary School. Panels were constructed in Ottawa and transported to the site to limit site construction time. Sub-contractor contract.
  • 3.5 months to construct École élémentaire publique Michaëlle-Jean's 17,184 sq.ft., 2 storey addition (excavation to final commissioning). Complete design-build project.
  • 5.5 months to construct Ecole Elementaire Publique Des Sentiers, a 60,000 sq. ft. school. Design-build project

Why is tilt-up so fast?

  • Wall profiles are simplistic, as these become an organized engineered puzzle, rather than a series of multiple material connections, completed by a series of varying trades.
  • Materials (i.e. concrete and rebar) are local and readily available.
  • Several building phases can proceed at the same time.
  • Trades can safely access the site sooner because the floor slab is cast first.
  • Engineered shop drawings allow trades to pre-order doors and windows, prior to any construction.
  • Structure is assembled quickly. Once panels are erected, the building shape is defined. Structural steel (roof /suspended floors) is set into pockets formed in the panels.
  • Panels are constructed with two layers of concrete (exterior and interior layer) with a 3” or 4” rigid insulation core to create a “high performance” wall assembly.

Not only does tilt-up concrete construction help school boards to meet their tight construction schedules, this proven building system delivers attractive real brick finish, functional and sustainable school structures that meet and exceed the expectations of students, teachers, parents and board officials.

Do you have a school addition or extension in mind?  Specify structural load bearing, insulated, concrete sandwich wall panels and SiteCast will contract and provide its tilt-up panel design and construction through your prequalified and approved general contractors. Contact us today.



View our infographic that compares our insulated concrete tilt-up structure to traditional hardwall construction assemblies.



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