Tilt-Up Construction

SiteCast’s experience extends across many materials and processes but in recent years, we have become a Canadian pioneer in tilt-up construction techniques. Why tilt-up? Because it fits into our model of continually trying to find innovative solutions to increase the speed and enhance the quality of our product and services.

Tilt-up is a construction technique whereby reinforced concrete panels are cast on-site (or off) then tilted into position. These panels become the load-bearing structural components and eliminate the need for perimeter columns.

Tilt-Up Construction Advantages

Speed: Once the floor slab is placed, the time from forming the panels to completion of the building shell is remarkably quick. Read more…

Energy Efficiency:  Air-infiltration /tightness, minimal quantity of exterior joint treatments, and thermal massing properties are all factors that result in annual energy savings of 20-60%. Read more…

Cost & Value: Tilt-up has repeatedly proven to be more economical than competing construction methods for similar types of buildings.  Reduced capital costs in equipment, ongoing energy costs and maintenance savings makes tilt-up an attractive choice for investors and building owners. Tilt-up structures constructed 60 years ago show few signs of aging today. Read more…

Safety, Security and Durability: The inherent strength and fire-resistant properties of concrete make tilt-up panels unmatched in durability, property security and life safety. Read more…

Versatility: Tilt-up buildings can be used for any size of application, from portable classrooms to multi- million square foot production facilities. Add the endless pallet of finishes available to architects, and its use is yet to be limited. Read more…

Expandability: Tilt-up concrete panels can be relocated, allowing for the expansion or relocation of a facility footprint. Read more…

Sustainability: Tilt-up concrete is a sustainable and LEED friendly choice. Not only does tilt-up add energy points, concrete is available near most job sites and is considered a local source. Nineteen LEED points are easily quantified when utilizing a tilt-up structure. 

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