SiteCast Project Recognized for Energy Efficiency

Two buildings located in  the Carleton Place Colonnade retail development, a project constructed by  SiteCast Construction, have been recognized for their energy efficiency.

The recognition by  Enbridge, the provider of gas utilities for Ontario, is part of its High  Performance New Construction or “HPNC” Program, which identifies those builders  and developers who achieve reduced kilowatt demand during construction of a  property. The program was introduced to save energy and reduce overall energy  costs.

The buildings, located at  515 and 525 McNeely Avenue and total more than 28,000 square feet, were chosen  based on the use of high efficiency air conditioning units during construction.  The HPNC Program also provides recognition to companies based on energy  efficient lighting, alternative energy, motors, and agribusiness.

SiteCast and Colonnade  Development are working together to reach higher energy efficiency in their  design and construction processes in an effort to continue to be included in  energy reduction programs like HPNC in the future.


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Feb 17, 2015


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