SiteCast Construction Corp. Named Finalist for CON/STEEL Building of the Year

OTTAWA, Canada, November 3, 2011 -- The CON/STEEL Alliance has named SiteCast Construction a finalist in the 2011 CON/STEEL Building of the Year competition.  The award recognizes superior construction that also showcases the versatility of using concrete tilt-up construction. SiteCast was chosen for its work on a building expansion for a large Canadian institution in Ottawa, Canada.

SiteCast faced two major challenges when building the addition: seamlessly matching a new addition to a 15-year old building; and also completing the project within a very tight, eight-month deadline. Externally, SiteCast relied on the versatility of the tilt-up panels to match the brick exteriors.  Internally, there was a bigger challenge because the structural and fire codes had changed over the years. Despite these challenges and the additional steps and coordination that were needed to pull it off, the SiteCast team was able to complete the project on budget and schedule. 

“Ensuring the existing structure remained opened for business during the construction, while constructing a new addition to current, and far superior building codes, was a challenge that we faced head on,” said Shawn Hickey, SiteCast Construction’s president. “Despite these challenges, we completed the project on time and on budget.”

Tilt-up is a construction technique whereby reinforced concrete panels are cast on-site then tilted into position. These panels become the load-bearing structural components and eliminate the need for perimeter columns. Its benefits are many, including speed of construction, reduced cost of ownership and energy efficiency.

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