SiteCast Construction President Shawn Hickey Wins MVP Award from CON/STEEL Alliance

OTTAWA, Canada, November 4, 2011 — For more than 18 years, Shawn Hickey has been an unyielding advocate for concrete tilt-up construction methods. He lectures on it, has written manuals on it and as president of SiteCast Construction, it is his construction method of choice. This dedication was recently recognized by the CON/STEEL Alliance™ when he won the Most Valuable Player award at its annual meeting held in Atlanta, Ga. this spring.

“Shawn has had a tremendous impact on the tilt-up industry and we wanted to recognize his contribution,” said Rod Sommer, president of CON/STEEL. “In particular, he is being recognized for three significant areas: as a long-time board member and facilitator for the TCA tilt-up exams; as an international ambassador for tilt-up; and as an active participant on several CON/STEEL advisory boards.”

Mr. Hickey has more than 23 years of experience in the Canadian construction industry. He joined Ottawa- based SiteCast Construction in 1993 as a superintendant. In October 2010, he was appointed President.

“I’m honoured to receive this award,” said Mr. Hickey. “I was first introduced to tilt-up in 1993 when SiteCast was constructing a new building for Swish . Since then I have been a huge proponent. For years it has been used extensively throughout the USA and I’m pleased to see that it is starting to gain some traction here in Canada.” 

Tilt-up is a construction technique whereby reinforced concrete panels are cast on-site then tilted into position. These panels become the load-bearing structural components and eliminate the need for perimeter columns. Its benefits are many, including speed of construction, reduced cost of ownership and energy efficiency.


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