Concrete Construction interviews Shawn Hickey on QA/QC

Excerpt from Concrete Construction's article, Quality Check, published December 17, 2013

Concrete Construction: Who does QA/QC apply to?

Shawn Hickey: "I view our company QA/QC program as a business model and a process in which we operate our corporation. TCA Certification validates our program and provides a third party review and endorsement of our quality. The majority of the items noted on our QA/QC checklists are errors that have been made in the past. It’s not only to ensure quality; it also limits the repeated mistakes. It helps to alleviate some of the field construction frustrations.

Additionally, design professionals are downloading more responsibility to others as their fees continue to erode. Contractors are becoming design savvy as we carry the warranty on the construction, despite our views on the design elements and products specified. Our QA/QC program assists our staff with understanding our corporate guidance regarding issues, such as vapor barriers under slabs, concrete mix design, etc."

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Feb 17, 2015


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