SiteCast Construction Takes Home Two Awards for Innovative Tilt-Up Projects

OTTAWA, Canada, November 13, 2013 — Traditional villas in Abu Dhabi and an avante garde “natural”  office building in Ontario, both constructed by SiteCast Construction, were winners of this year’s Tilt-up Achievement Awards sponsored by the Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA).

The Achievement Awards program was established by TCA to honour projects that represent an increasing diversity of building types constructed with tilt-up concrete as well as those that advance industry technology, apply innovative form and provide unique solutions to building programs. Projects are judged on aesthetic expression, schedule, size, originality, finishes and special conditions.

SiteCast was honoured with an Excellence in Achievement for two villas it constructed in Abu Dhabi. These 5,500-square-foot single-storey homes feature traditional UAE architecture, but were constructed using load bearing tilt-up SiteCast concrete panels. Construction of each villa took seven and six weeks respectively, including the landscaping. Typical homes of this size, type, and style would take more than a year to construct using the traditional masonry technique.

SiteCast’s second award recognized the new 18,000-square-foot headquarters for Grenville Mutual Insurance, located in Kemptville, Ontario. This building was constructed using insulated tilt-up panels and was framed with a sloping structural steel roof. The architect’s vision was to create soft, natural elevations that featured an embossed "forest" pattern, accented with natural hand-set stone. The interior open air courtyard carries the forest pattern inward, and allows the occupants a view of the unique form liner pattern from within their space. Grenville Mutual was completed in just seven months: on time and under budget.

To view a video on the construction of Grenville Mutual’s new building, visit:

“This was a unique project in which the architect (Shoalts & Zaback) challenged us to custom fabricate a form liner from an image, then incorporate it into an insulated concrete panel,” said Shawn Hickey, president of SiteCast. “We were all thrilled with the vision and the subsequent result.”

Tilt-up is a construction technique whereby reinforced concrete panels are cast on-site then tilted into position. The benefits of tilt-up go well beyond design. These load-bearing insulated structural walls are also chosen for their speed of construction, reduced cost of ownership and energy efficiency. 

Visit TCA for more information on the projects: 

Villas in Abu Dhabi
Grenville Mutual Insurance headquarters



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