Canada Post's new tilt-up building achieves LEED

OTTAWA, Canada, November 16, 2015 —SiteCast Construction congratulates Canada Post on achieving LEED Silver certification for its 25,000 square foot letter carrier depot on Colonnade Road in Ottawa. In 2012 SiteCast was contracted to design and build this facility utilizing insulated concrete tilt-up panels, a factor that helped Canada Post earn its LEED certification. (Tilt-up is a construction technique whereby large reinforced concrete panels are cast on-site then tilted into position.)

While tilt-up is typically chosen for its speed of construction, the inherent benefits of tilt-up make it a simple way to earn LEED credits (up to 19 points).

Those include:

  • THERMAL EFFICIENCY: concrete’s natural ability to absorb and store energy combined with edge-to-edge insulation delivers maximum thermal performance;
  • LOCAL MATERIALS: the main materials required for tilt-up, concrete and rebar, were sourced locally; and
  • REDUCED FUEL CONSUMPTION: fabricating and erecting panels onsite eliminates the need to transport materials throughout the city. 

“The Canada Post Depot represents a growing number of owners that are committed to utilizing technology to reduce energy consumption,” said Shawn Hickey, President of SiteCast Construction Corp. “We are delighted to have had the opportunity to work with the Canada Post team and congratulate them on achieving their goals.”


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Feb 17, 2015


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