SiteCast completes first solar panel project

SiteCast Construction recently completed their first installation of solar array tracking panels  in Barrhaven, Ontario.

The two panel arrays – weighing approximately 10,000 pounds and measuring 57 feet in diameter - were mounted on rigid roof structures constructed by SiteCast. SiteCast provided the installation assistance and infrastructure works for the job, which took place at the Mother Teresa School in Barrhaven, Ontario.

The school commissioned these panels as part of the Ontario Power Authority’s Feed-In Tariff (FIT) Program. The FIT program provides long-term contracts for those generating energy from renewable sources. The energy produced by these panels is exchanged for revenue to be used by the school board.

In an effort to expand their green initiatives, SiteCast will continue to partner with solar companies throughout the region.

Sitecast Raises Solar Panels


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Feb 17, 2015


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