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Feb 1, 2017

Since 1992, SiteCast has completed over 100 projects throughout Ontario, Halifax, Africa, Jordan, and UAE. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, we’d like to thank you for being a part of our journey

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Feb 17, 2015
Is the prolonged bone-chilling cold weather making you sweat as you try to balance student and staff comfort with growing energy costs? Although energy consumption is impacted by a number of variables, one of the biggest contributing factors is the construction assembly of the structure itself.  Insulated concrete tilt-up panels provide one of ― if not the― most energy efficient building envelopes available today.
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Apr 21, 2014
Speed of construction is the predominant reason why school boards are specifying tilt-up for their additions, extensions and new schools. But don’t take our word for it, see what the numbers say.
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SiteCast announces addition of foundation forming services
Ottawa Construction News, October 2014 (p.A6)
Harnessing the All-in-one Aspects of Tilt-up
Construction Canada, March 2014 (p.8)
Award Winning Canadian Tilt-Up
Construction Canada, March 2014 (p.16)
SiteCast Construction wins two awards for innovative Tilt-up projects
Ottawa Construction News, February 2014

SiteCast Wins 2013 CON/STEEL Building of the Year
The Alliance Times, Fall 2013 (p. 2)
SiteCast wins the Architectural Appeal Award for Grenville Mutual Insurance.

SiteCast Brings Tilt-Up Construction Global
Daily Commercial News, March 2013 
SiteCast has introduced tilt-up construction to other countries around the world including Malaysia and Jordan.

Changing the Concrete World
Concrete Construction, January 2013 
SiteCast President Shawn Hickey named to the five most influential people in the concrete industry in 2013.

Quality Check
Concrete Construction, December 2012 
SiteCast President Shawn Hickey and three other industry leaders speak to Concrete Construction about quailty control and certification.

Tilt-Up Reduces Total Cost of Ownership
The Alliance Times, Fall 2012
Alliance Times article discusses how tilt-up reduces the total cost of building ownership, using a school built by SiteCast to make its point.

Tilt up bridges the continental divide
Alliance Times: Summer 2010
The demand for tilt-up is growing globally – including in the Middle East where SiteCast has completed projects.

Tilt-up panel the largest ever created by SiteCast Construction
Daily Commercial News: October 2010
A single 47-tonne unit forms the front entrance of a Staples retail outlet.

Retail Tilt-Up
By Ed Sauter, Concrete Construction
Tilt-up not only affords owners a fast-track construction schedule, but a variety of architectural options and rich aesthetic appeal.

Understanding Tilt-Up
Building magazine, October/November 2006
Tilt-up is fast, cost-effective and rapidly gaining marketshare

Creative Forming and Finishing of Tilt-up Concrete
Ed Sauter, Tilt-Up Today, July 2007
Tilt-up is breaking the stereotypes of what the construction method can and can't do.

Tilt-up designs appealing to both retailers, consumers
By Norman Barrett, Smith Consulting Architects
More and more, tilt-ups are replacing the traditional "retail boxes". Tilt-up construction takes less time to build than traditional blocks buildings, so it works well with a fast-track project schedules.

Being creative with tilt-up
Concrete Construction, by Joe Nasvik
The demand for decorative tilt-up is growing rapidly as the industry moves into office, retail, public buildings, schools, and church construction.



View our infographic that compares our insulated concrete tilt-up structure to traditional hardwall construction assemblies.



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