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Here are some answers to some of SiteCast Construction`s most frequenly asked questions.

How do School Boards engage with SiteCast?  

Generally there are two ways:

  • SiteCast competes through local general contractors for the panel design and construction, or
  • SiteCast competes on a “design-build” RFP issued by the school board.

How does the school board design tilt-up?

SiteCast will give the board’s design team industry-standard sections, details, connections and specifications.

Who does the engineering for tilt-up panels?

The successful tilt-up contractor would design the erecting and bracing parameters. SiteCast engineers would share engineering values and details with the Board’s design team

I’ve heard that SiteCast tilt-up is a premium product. Is that true?

No. Clients quickly understand that speed, durability and thermal performance are definite benefits over traditional wall assemblies, and as such, the perception is that this better wall would cost more. In fact, tilt-up structures can offer cost savings over traditional hard wall buildings.  Furthermore, long after a school is finished, school boards continue to save money with tilt-up in the way of energy savings and reduced maintenance and operational costs. There’s a great article about cost of ownership here.  

The confusion over costs often happens early on when GCs and architects are doing a wall-to-wall comparison.  When comparing tilt-up to other wall assemblies you have to look at the multiple savings achieved in the overall simplification of foundation and roof designs, elimination of a large portion of structural steel  and a reduction and overall simplification of mechanical systems required for heating and cooling air losses.


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