In an industrial building, tenants really appreciate the column- free perimeter of a load bearing tilt-up structure. They can layout their racking without interruption around the perimeter of the structure as there is no loss or impedance caused by traditional structural column framing.

Tenants also appreciate the added security and durability of a reinforced concrete panel.  After all, a concrete panel is much more difficult to cut open than a traditional metal skin or EIFFS-cladded façade. Not only are the contents protected, but the owner protects his investment in the structure itself and realizes insurance benefits too.  When we add an insulation core to the reinforced panels, the thermal storage capacity of the walls will assist in maintaining the interior temperature should there be a power failure.  This added benefit provides the lowest operating costs among all wall assemblies.

Advantages of tilt-up

Speed – In an industrial application, once our panels are erected and the steel interior framing is complete, the warehouse is almost ready for occupancy. Waiting for exterior cladding or hard-wall masonry construction is eliminated. Our panels are typically 16’-20’ wide so the building exterior quickly takes form. An average savings in the construction schedule is 20%.

Cost and Value - Shorter construction schedule and less infrastructure means lower construction costs. Over the long term, the durability of concrete decreases maintenance problems.

Safety, security and durability - Vandalism and maintenance are minimized while security is increased.

Energy efficiency - The natural heat sink properties of concrete reduce energy costs. Tilt-up buildings offer an overall energy and life cycle performance that is typically 20-60 percent more efficient.

Versatility - The fluid properties of concrete allows for any size, design and finish.

Sample projects

Canpar Coca-Cola Contract Furniture Source Gentek
Induspac Northern Micro SR Telecom Unisource Canada
Virtucom Inc. Waste Services Inc. Ottawa Waste Services Inc. Ottawa  

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