A growing number of retailers across Ontario and Canada are looking to SiteCast to build their structures using tilt-up panels. In the last two years alone, SiteCast has built stores for Staples, Starbucks, Dollarama, among others.  The greatest benefit to retailers is speed.

With tilt-up much of the work is done at ground level and so is fast and efficient. Formwork placement is faster and simpler, including block-outs for door and window openings. Panels are cast on site and if space is tight, they can be stack-cast to minimize site disturbance. Even greater time savings are realized should a retailer choose to build multiple sets of walls for future use.

Advantages of tilt-up

Speed – In a retail application, once our panels are up the building form takes shape. There is no waiting for exterior cladding or hard-wall masonry construction. An average savings in the construction schedule of 20% can be expected.

Cost and Value - Shorter construction schedule and less infrastructure means lower construction costs. Over the long term, the durability of concrete decreases maintenance problems.

Safety, security and durability - Vandalism and maintenance are minimized while security is increased.

Energy efficiency - The natural heat sink properties of concrete reduce energy costs. Tilt-up buildings offer an overall energy and life cycle performance that is typically 20-60 percent more efficient.

Versatility - The fluid properties of concrete allows for any size, design and finish.

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