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The inherent durability of reinforced concrete make tilt-up a preferred choice to protect against explosions, fires, chemicals, riots, ballistics and other catastrophic man-made or nature driven events.

In fact, the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory and the Portland Cement Association recently conducted a series of tests on tilt- up, structural concrete sandwich wall systems to test their blast resistance. They concluded that the reinforced tilt-up panel provides anti-terrorism and force protection for military, government and civilian facilities.

Download an excerpt of the research report: Blast Resistant Concrete Products.

Download the complete report by clicking here. (registration required)

Advantages of tilt-up

Quick to construct – constructed on site

Cost effective - Shorter construction schedule and less infrastructure means lower construction costs. Over the long term, the durability of concrete decreases maintenance problems

Rigid and durable - protection against blast, fires and other catastrophic events

Energy efficient - The natural heat sink properties of concrete reduce energy costs. Tilt-up buildings offer an overall energy and life cycle performance that is typically 20-60 percent more efficient

Modular structures - can be transported;  temporary and permanent options

Tilt-up concrete panels are cast on site under the security of the property boundaries.  This ability to form and cast panels on site also gives you the architectural freedom to detail larger panels that what can be constructed when transporting is a consideration.

Sample projects

Jordan Coca-Cola Jordan Gentek

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