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Many school boards across Ontario and Canada are faced with an almost desperate need to address the ever-growing student population in schools that are already overcrowded or aging.

Balancing the demands of concerned parents and wary taxpayers is not easy. While many school boards rely on the traditional building solutions to address their needs, a growing number are discovering the many benefits of using concrete insulated tilt-up panels to erect portable classrooms or entire schools.

Advantages of tilt-up

Speed - A portable classroom can be erected in as little as a month; a school can be built in as little as six months.

Cost and Value - Shorter construction schedule and less infrastructure means lower construction costs. Over the long term, the durability of concrete decreases maintenance problems.

Safety, security and durability - Vandalism and maintenance are minimized while security is increased. Concrete is naturally fire-resistant and absorbs sound.

Energy efficiency - The natural thermal mass properties of concrete reduce energy costs. Tilt-up buildings offer an overall energy and life cycle performance that is typically 20-60 percent more efficient.

Versatility - The fluid properties of concrete allows for any size, design and finish.

Sample projects

8 Classroom Port a Pak Ecole elementaire publique Des Sentiers Kanata Montessori School Louis Riel School

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