Energy Efficiency

Concrete has excellent thermal properties and, when combined with "Sandwich Panel" tilt-up construction, can offer solutions to cold climate construction. SiteCast's "Sandwich Panel" has advantages when developing buildings requiring environmental control (such as cold storage amenities or high technology facilities).

Tilt-up is a much tighter building system than traditional methods; an R16 Tilt-Up panel system will perform as well as or better than an R32 low mass construction system. The contributing factors are non-conductive thermal bridging, 3” thick insulation and the thermal mass of the concrete. SiteCast tilt-up concrete buildings offer an overall energy and life cycle performance that is typically 20% to 60% more efficient than non-tilt-up buildings.

Thermal Efficiency Comparison

The illustration below shows a winter heat loss comparison between the existing Louis-Riel school building and SiteCast's recent tilt-up addition. Red and yellow indicate heat loss and air movement.

Thermal Efficiency Comparison

Non-Conductive Thermal Ties

Traditional steel ties allow heat to be transmitted through the wall, and result in elevated energy costs. SiteCast's non-conductive thermal ties do not transmit this energy through the wall.

Non-Conductive Thermal Ties

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View our infographic that compares our insulated concrete tilt-up structure to traditional hardwall construction assemblies.


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