Using a ‘cast on-site’ method at ground level allows the trades to start work on a finished slab. This minimizes logistical issues and allows the building envelope to be erected earlier thus reducing the total construction time.  Because the floor slab is placed first, other trades can work sooner and safer from a smooth concrete surface, which saves time and money. The “SiteCast process” offers savings that extend beyond the panel construction timeframe.


- Time-lapse of school addition. (2:44)


The pictures below show the chronology of construction of a two storey, 52,000 sq.ft. school in 5 1/2 months using the SiteCast™ building system:


Foundations, foundation insulation, weeping tile and underground electrical and plumbing services were installed.


Floor slab cast to a "super flat" finish. Fabrication of Tilt-Up panels begins. Site services proceeded with installation of water main.


Panel fabrication continued. Panel and structural steel installation started. Installation of hydro duct bank and transformer and start of mechanical and electrical trades.


Completion of steel roof deck allowed roofing to start. Sealing of the building proceeded with the installation of window frames and glazing. Fire spray contractor begins. Electrical, mechanical, ductwork and sprinkler trades made rapid progress.


Electrical and mechanical rough-ins completed. Interior finishings started. Exterior hard landscaping started.


Occupancy took place on August 16th. Detail interior finishings completed and exterior landscape completed.

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View our infographic that compares our insulated concrete tilt-up structure to traditional hardwall construction assemblies.


SiteCast Construction and the
benefits of tilt-up construction
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