With concrete tilt-up construction SiteCast can create buildings of any size, design and finish. The fluid properties of concrete means architects are only restricted by their imaginations.


Concrete Finishes

There are a number of finishes available for tilt-up concrete structures. From colouring and texturing to cast-on concrete surfaces, these finishes create attractive, modern aesthetics. Click here to access The Architect's Pallet and learn more about exterior panel options and details.


Rustication: The process of laying wood strips in the setting concrete. Once the concrete is set the wood is removed to create inset lines.

Integral Colours

Integral Colours: Colours are mixed directly into the concrete, and require little additional labor to finish. These colours are permanent and do not require the refinishing that coatings and applied finishes do.


Form-Liners: They provide the replication of rock, brick, masonry block, wood grain or original art graphics. This custom form-liner was created for the Canadian Wildlife Federation.

Brick Finish

Brick Finish: This is a thin profile application in which the brick system is cast with exterior concrete. The concrete can be coloured to simulate the brick and mortar of conventional masonry. Skilled masons are not required thereby saving you time and installation costs. A variety of brick colors, sizes and placement techniques are available.

Sandblasting Exposed Aggregate

Sandblasting Exposed Aggregate: This process results in the surface of the concrete being decorated with coarse aggregate, usually of an interesting colour/shape.


Stamping: This process of imprinting and texturing the plastic (semi-cured) concrete is used to create patterns that simulate brick, tile, cobblestone or other materials. Grooves left by the tools can be grouted with a contrasting colour or texturing skins (thin, flexible pieces of polyurethane) to impart unlimited textural options.

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